Pope Francis Acts: Roger Vangheluwe Tortured for abuse

Pope Francis Acts, has made a significant decision concerning a former bishop, Roger Vangheluwe, from Belgium. This decision comes years after Vangheluwe admitted to harming his nephew when the nephew was just a child. Let’s explore what happened and why it’s important.

Pope Francis Acts: Who is Roger Vangheluwe?

Pope Francis Acts, Roger Vangheluwe is a former bishop from Bruges, Belgium. He held a position of power and responsibility within the church. However, he admitted to doing something very wrong. He confessed that he hurt his nephew when the nephew was only 5 years old. This is very sad because a bishop should protect and care for people, not hurt them.

Pope Francis Acts: Roger Vangheluwe Tortured for abuse

Pope Francis Acts: What did Pope Francis Decide?

After learning about what Vangheluwe did, Pope Francis had to make a big decision. He decided to take away Vangheluwe’s position in the church. This means Vangheluwe is no longer a bishop. This decision is called “laicization.” It’s like being removed from a special club because you didn’t follow the rules. – Coinqqslot

Pope Francis Acts: Why did Pope Francis Make this Decision?

Pope Francis learned some new information about Vangheluwe’s actions. Someone who was hurt by Vangheluwe spoke up recently. This made the Pope and others look at the situation again. After thinking about it carefully, Pope Francis decided that Vangheluwe could no longer be a bishop.

What Happened Next?

Vangheluwe asked if he could go somewhere quiet to think and pray. He wants to say sorry for what he did and try to make things right. Even though he’s not a bishop anymore, he still wants to do good things.

Why is This Important?

It’s important because bishops are supposed to be kind and caring. They have an important job in the church. When a bishop does something wrong, it hurts a lot of people. Pope Francis wants to make sure everyone knows that hurting others is not okay, especially when you’re supposed to help them.

What Can We Learn from This?

We can learn that it’s important to be kind and treat others with respect. Even people in important jobs can make mistakes. When we do something wrong, it’s important to say sorry and try to make things better. We should always try to do good things and help others.


Pope Francis made a big decision by taking away Roger Vangheluwe’s position as a bishop. This shows that nobody is above the rules, no matter how important they are. It’s important to always be kind and caring to others. Let’s remember to treat everyone with respect and help those who need it.